Over two decades ago in The Netherlands, Danny Jeroense began his musical journey. Blending his love for repetitive music, funk, space exploration and postmodern geometric art into anything CANVAX. Making music which has a theme, has soul and is repetitive at the same time might sound paradoxical, but this paradox in itself is the driving force to make music with more then one dimension.

Inspiration comes anytime, any place. Making his music both on the road while traveling by train or in his small home studio with a blend of software and analog hardware assures that the proces of making music and shaping his distinctive sound is an ever growing learning and creative experience.

You can find CANVAX’s transmissions on quality labels such as Body Control(US), Recycled Plastics (US) and Lasergum (FIN).

A short interview in my home studio by Twentwatchers here: