Manufacturing EP

Released on the Finnish/Russian label Lasergum, Manufacturing features 6 of my darkest Electro tracks yet.


RECYCLEDPLASTICS-CONDENSEMy second album released on Recycled Plastics, the label owned by Brian Grainger, aka Milieu, aka Coppice Halifax. Features seven tracks plus a remix by Coppice Halifax himself.

No ordinary review by YeahIKnowItSucks:
Review by YeahIKnowItSucks

Anomaly EP

CANVAX-ANOMALYAnomaly is the seventh release on Body Control records, the label owned by Mr. Myoplast (Ben Wehunt), featuring a great and ever expanding line up of musicians bringing cutting edge Electro, Acid and Techno. Anomaly features four on the floor tracks ranging from Electro flavoured Techno to proper banging House.


This is the best, has a lot of depth and a Devine old school flavor that becomes quite the trip in the techno-house-electro sector.

Full and No ordinary review by YeahIKnowItSucks:
Review by YeahIKnowItSucks

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Forest EP

a0888001573_10My second release, the four track EP Forest. Four tracks taking you through four different landscapes.

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The production value of it is absolutely gorgeous. He has created a beautiful sonic playground for the listener. Nothing fights for attention, everything is panned out great and has it’s own space within the song.

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Full review

Debut album

canvax-debut-albumMy first release as CANVAX. Released it myself in 2012 on Bandcamp. It’s still available for pay what you like and perhaps still my most melodic release to date.

Raised by gypsies:

I don’t remember much of 2012 except for the fact that it was the year my son was born so most of the music kind of flew past me (The week he was born, the number one song was Rihanna “We Found Love”) so I can’t say whether or not this was ahead of its time really, but the fact that it could be up there as one of the best release among its peers three years later seems to say it all.

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Review by Raised by gypsies