picture of performance at boosterfestival

After years of creative wandering in genres as rock, electronica, synth pop, electro, Ambient and Techno, with the release of his debut album in 2012, CANVAX was ‘born’ as the musical outlet of Danny Jeroense. These explorations in different genres can be heard in the tracks on the album of which a lot are an amalgamation of those genres.

Music to CANVAX is like a good cocktail. It contains elements you know, but it taste refreshing and unique, because of the unknown combination of those known elements. Creating music is his exploration into the spaces between different styles, all the while working on a new ‘sonic cocktail’.

One thing’s for certain though: that cockail won’t be very sweet, often will pack a punch and has an aftertaste you just can’t put your finger on.

cover sleeve of Cosmophilia album

CANVAX’ process of making music often starts from a theme. Such was the case with his 3rd album Cosmophilia (2016, YAY, IT). For this double LP he created both the music and the graphic design based around the childhood encounter he had staring at the comet Halley in his parents garden. An event that had a profound impact on his interest in space itself, science and sci-fi.

Cosmophilia features 9 tracks which like the travels of the comet Halley are a journey in itself, because of the wide range and diversity in genres explored. Which was also recognized by XLR8 in their review of Cosmophilia.

As well as being a landmark release for YAY, Cosmophilia will serve as a portfolio for Canvax; a fresh talent, deservedly dug out of electro obscurity. The complete LP should be praised for its diversity, a confidently executed balancing act between all shades of the genre.

Philip Kearney, XLR8R
Full review here

Koortsdroom videoclip

The EP Koortsdroom (2021, Lo Phi Forms, NL) is made from the theme of dreams, and is an exploration of the (mostly) unpleasant kind of dreams in 5 very diverse tracks, each with its own videoclip he also made.

The exploration of themes in both sound and visuals is something that comes natural, coming from a background in audiovisual art and media design. That is why for the most part of CANVAX releases, also the visuals are by Jeroense himself.

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s where synthesizer influences in music were abundant it shouldn’t come as a surprise acts like Kraftwerk , Vangelis and later on Drexciya, Brian Eno and Aphex Twin had a big influence in creating a preference for electronic music in general and creating his own sound of which he is know for today and creates from his studio in Deventer (NL).

You can find releases of CANVAX in (online) music retailers like Juno, Decks.de, Clone.nl and Bandcamp and through labels such as YAY, Lo Phi Forms and Recycled Plastics.