Anomaly EP

EP cover

Featuring 4 tracks, ranging from robotic Electro, fast pased Techno to classic House, this one is for the dancefloor for sure.

This EP was originally released on the now defunct label Bodycontrol records. At the time it was my first release on a label, which was a big deal to me.

For reasons unknown Bodycontrol vanished without a trace from the interweb and so did all the released music.

It seemed a bit silly and a pity really to leave it at that. So that is why you can now get this release from my own bandcamp page.

Buy/Listen Anomaly EP at bandcamp

Original release date 1 September 2014, Bodycontrol records
Music by Danny Jeroense
Artwork by Remona Poortman
Mastering by Michel Schiralli

Review by Yes I Know It Sucks

The last track that we discuss here is ‘station 9’ which has a bit of a house feeling over it. Nobody would be surprised if some Afro haired MC would pop up and would say something like ‘can you feel the love ove ove ve ve e e’ (delay is included in the textual expression). The all-round sound is classy; there is a moment of transition in rhythm that is absolutely one of my personal favorite parts of this EP.
From that transition the love for this track and even for Danny’s Canvax has flourished a great deal. This is the best, has a lot of depth and a Devine old school flavor that becomes quite the trip in the techno-house-electro sector. Reserve your place in ‘station 9’ as there are no whips or crazy mistresses needed as the music makes the body move all by itself. A nice ending for a EP that sounds quite old school, and yet too cool to go to school!

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