Condense LP

album cover

My second album and this time released on label for adventurous electronic music Recycled Plastics (US).

Condense is a deep dive into the more Ambient Techno and dubby side of music I’m (also) very much into.

Dive in and float away on slowly evolving tracks and spacious grooves.

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Label text:
Canvax hails from Enschede, Netherlands, and brings his fresh style of dub, house and electro peppered electronic music to Recycled Plastics with the absolutely essential Condense album. Previously appearing at Body Control and having performed live at Gogbot Festival in 2014, Canvax’s music is a glossy minimal techno that seems informed by all sorts of influences, and yet quite unique at the same time. Canvax tracks are sometimes created during a train commute, and the music feels steadily propulsive in the same way, moving at a driving pace through subterranean tunnels and sunny pastoral landscapes.