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My 3rd album and 1st vinyl release is a fact: Cosmophilia is a double LP release on YAY (IT). Inspired by boyhood fascinations about space, the comet halley and synthesizer music. For Cosmophilia I got to make both the music and also design the sleave and stickers.

For a more in depth reading about Cosmophilia’s background story and how the album came to be, head on over here.

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Also available in record stores across Europe and online via JunoDecks and other stores.


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XLR8R: Full review

As well as being a landmark release for YAY, Cosmophilia will serve as a portfolio for Canvax; a fresh talent, deservedly dug out of electro obscurity. The complete LP should be praised for its diversity, a confidently executed balancing act between all shades of the genre.

Technobass(defunct as of 2020):

If you love hard-edged, but emotive, creative, and acidic Electronic Music, you will love this 2xLP from beginning to end. It encompasses many great styles in a very forward-thinking way that is adventurous to listen to.