Debut album

In 2012 I self released my first album. After making more than two decades of music I was finally content enough with my music and sound to go ahead and release these tracks.

Heavily inspired by electro godfathers such as Drexicya and 80’s synthpop in general the 8 tracks range from electronica and robotic electro to dubambient.

Full review by Raised by Gypsies:

” I don’t remember much of 2012 except for the fact that it was the year my son was born so most of the music kind of flew past me (The week he was born, the number one song was Rihanna “We Found Love”) so I can’t say whether or not this was ahead of its time really, but the fact that it could be up there as one of the best release among its peers three years later seems to say it all. “

Raised by Gypsies